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Areas Of Practice

Why Us?


You want practical, cost effective lawyers who are genuinely experts and have the detailed knowledge, know how and experience a general law practice doesn’t have.


You want lawyers who have credibility and whilst niche and boutique will be known by and respected by the lawyers representing other parties.

We believe in a fixed price for all of our contracts and you can easily request a custom quote for any contract which you cannot see on our website.


Even though our lawyers and consultants are considered overqualified in the industry we believe in dealing with clients directly whether it be a conveyancing deal or commercial law issue, in that way we ensure our clients are truly getting the service they have paid for from the professionals.

Contractual Law

Contracts are the bedrock of every commercial relationship. We believe that a solid business foundation consists of good contracts drafted by skilled professionals who ensure that the contracts are viewed from a litigious point of view.

With our extensive background of business and commercial transactions we are well placed to draft, review, amend, and advise on a wide variety of contracts such as:

Memorandum of Incorporation

Shareholders Agreements

Employment Agreements

Private Mergers & Acquisitions

Long Term Lease Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Sale of Share Agreements

Loan Agreements

Franchise Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Suretyship Agreements

Building Contracts

JBCC Agreements

License Agreements

We are happy to discuss your queries and provide a scope and fee estimate for a commercial contract. So, please do get in touch.


Corporate & Commercial

Build your business with confidence.

Company Registration

Corporate Law Advisement

Start Up Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sales or Purchases of Businesses

Commercial Transactions

Commercial Litigation

Shareholder Agreements

For advice on any aspect of commercial law, a transaction, a contract, company law advice, please do give us a call or email.

Corporate & Contract

Conveyancing & Property Law

We act for and on behalf of property agencies, real estate agencies, property trusts, commercial and industrial property brokers, and property portfolio funds, providing us with a wealth of experience.

We are able to combine our commercial law expertise to advise clients on aspects such as interpretation of sale agreement clauses, assistance in the breach of contract and recovery of damages clauses which we believe makes us not simply your ordinary conveyancer.

Our hands on approach enables us to assist, whether it is the transfer of a single property or the oversight of a property portfolio, we are are here to assist.

Property Transfers

Deeds Recovery

Deeds Office Liason

Lodgement of Servitudes

Lease Agreements

Rental Recoveries

Neighbor Law

Property Law Advisory

Property Law

Notary Law

The rules of certain institutions, government bodies, countries and legal actions require that documents are notarised by a designated official known as a notary.

We offer the legalisation of all South African documents for use in both South Africa and Internationally, from the smallest document to the largest.

Unabridged Birth Certificates

Notarial Deeds of Cession

Authenticating Copies


Wills & Testaments

Trust Registrations

Ante-Nuptial Contracts

Notarial Bonds

Apostille Documents


Property Law Advisory

Powers of Attorney

Notary Law

Labour Law

Labour is the backbone of any well run business. As such, it is imperative that a healthy and well regulated relationship between a company and its labour force is maintained.

At M Van Heerden Attorneys we understand that the employment relationship is one that spans many years and many transformations.

We offer more than just Labour law.  Our team has expertise in the related areas you may need, such as how to deal with shares and options held by employees, restrictive covenants and if the need arises litigation in the employment tribunal and other courts.

Employment Contracts

CCMA Disputes

Codes of Conduct

HR Solutions

Retirement Advisory

Disciplinary Process

Employment Policies

Labour Court Disputes

Management Guidelines

Policy Advisory

Retrenchment Process

Policy Enforcement

Wills & Estates

We encourage our clients to execute valid wills with us, however should you not possess a valid will we will assist your family in the winding up of the intestate deceased estate.

At M Van Heerden Attorneys we assist our clients in all aspects of their life and death. we charge tariff rates on all winding ups which is 3.5% of the estate

With us your family can rest assured that all aspects of your estate are placed in capable hands

The Formation of Trusts

Employment Equity Trusts

Codes of Conduct

Management of Trusts

Drafting of Wills

Management Guidelines

Registration of Usufructs

Appointment of Curators

Registration of Right of Habitation for Spouses or Children

Labour Law
Wills & Estates

Pro Bono

At M Van Heerden Attorneys we have a passion for the animal in the law and the rights of animals.

M Van Heerden Attorneys provides pro bono legal services to members of the public who have an animal rights problem on a case by case basis, please note neighbour law or body corporate issues can be dealt with by our Property Law Department

Pro Bono
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